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Pursuing Excellence in Representation

The Law Firm of Eric M. Carter, Sr., LLC, Carter Law Cares, is a full service law firm of energized and dynamic justice seekers, advocates, and problem solvers located in metropolitan New Orleans, Louisiana


The Law Firm of Eric M. Carter, Sr., LLC., Carter Law Cares, is licensed to practice in Louisiana and Texas.  Our full service law firm consists of energized and dynamic justice seekers, advocates, consultants, and problem solvers.  We maintain offices in Jefferson and St. John the Baptist Parishes in LA and a satellite presence in Houston, TX.  

This multi-state practice is built on the simple principles of putting people first and operating with integrity.  We work hard to get the best outcome for our clients.  Our hard work is displayed in the astute use of objective research, critical thinking and analysis, strategy, and negotiation.  At all times we put our clients and their needs first. 

Eric is often selected and appointed by courts in multiple jurisdictions to act as a court appointed curator and mediator.  Eric and the Carter Law Cares team are frequently sought after by attorneys and firms to assist in trial because of their keen attention-to-detail, superior presentation skills, and teamwork approach to litigation.   Whether it is obtaining a fair settlement of a personal injury claim, pursuing recognition of business or property interests, or fighting for civil rights, Eric and the Carter Law Cares team will put your needs and interests first. 

If we agree to represent you, you will get our promise: 1) to listen respectfully and intently; 2) to study the law and facts deliberately; 3) to partner with you and keep you informed; and 4) to represent your interest with relentless and dogmatic precision, in other words "we will fight" for you. 

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"You don't need a lawyer ...  you need a lawyer that cares! One that cares enough to listen, study, prepare, and fight for you." - Eric 


Justice Seekers

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Problem Solvers


Need legal help?

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     If you are injured, call us!  We start first by listening to understand you, your life, and the impact the injury has had on your lifestyle.  In other words, we don't just handle a case, we help people!  We help mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sons, and daughters get well physically and we maximize the amount of recovery for their injuries. 

     We have the resources, the expertise,  the know-how, and the desire to fight for and get every dime you deserve.  We have gotten millions of dollars for our clients hurt on the job and in the following areas:  


  • Car and Truck Accidents;

  • 18-Wheeler Accidents;

  • Dog Bites;

  • Train and Bus Accidents;

  • Slip and Falls; and

  • Wrongful deaths.

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Legal Help

     In life, things happen ... problems occur, plans and relationships fail, contracts are broken, businesses dissolve, false accusations are made, and ownership rights and civil rights are trampled upon.  In these instances you need a caring, thoughtful, and tactful advocate. 

    We rely upon our problem solving skills and artful expertise as trial lawyers, strategists, brokers, adjustersand mediators to resolve simple and complex matters through trial and alternative dispute resolutions. We help our clients in the following matters:  

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation;

  • Real Estate;

  • Business;

  • Public Relations;

  • Insurance Contracts; and 

  • Hurricane Claims.

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Carter Law Promises

We promise to listen to you  respectfully, 

intently, and


We promise to study the law and facts 

deliberately and prepare!

We promise to partner

with you 

and to keep you informed!


We promise to


for you! 

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Carter Law Cares

Law Firm of Eric M. Carter, Sr., LLC

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